Home Studio – Music Recording Acoustic Treatment

Turning a spare room into a recording space is one of the most satisfying endeavors a musician can undertake. A nice sounding room allows the creative process to manifest itself and in no time, it becomes an oasis that enables one to hone the craft of recording.  The problem with these small rooms is that.


Whether you are doing a voice-over for a radio spot, movie character or simply reading a book for the visually impaired, it is essential that the message being transmitted is clear and natural sounding. The first problem is that a microphone cannot discern what is relevant and what should be discarded. It does not know.

Broadcast & Podcast

Every once in a while, you hear a radio interview or press conference where the background echo or reverberant field is so prevalent, it is almost impossible to hear what is being said.  The problem is that the microphone is unable to discern what is ‘relevant’ and what is ‘noise’. It simply flattens out the.

Recording Studio

Today, the amazing power and low cost of digital technology has transitioned most recording projects out of the large studio into smaller spaces and homes.  Once all the gear is set up and the first recordings are undertaken, the stark reality comes to light: What seems to sound good at home sounds terrible in the.

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