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Media Room

More and more professionals are working from home. This means that the home office is changing from a corner desk to a full-on work environment. With the advent of powerful communication tools such as Skype now available to our connected world, tele-commuting and video conferencing now plays a larger role in the workplace as folks.


Never has there been more interest in the area of high fidelity audio. Long play albums have become cool again and audiophiles are spending more on their 2-channel setups than ever before. But no matter how much you spend on a new needle, cables, preamp, or amplifier, the improvement will only be incremental until you.

Home Cinema

In a perfect world, we would all like to replicate the projector, 10,000 watt sound system, elaborate seating arrangement and acoustic space of a full-size cinema, albeit at a smaller scale.  Those with unlimited budgets can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the perfect space.  The rest of us have to work within.

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