Large Space


Although recently constructed movie theaters have acoustically treated walls and padded seats that absorb sound, there are many older theaters that can benefit from remedial upgrades, such as improving the acoustics in the venue. When these older spaces were designed, PA systems did not exist. Hard reflective surfaces such as plaster walls, ceilings and balconies, along.

Community Center

Multiple spaces, multiple uses and multiple demographics using the same facilities can cause multiple challenges. However, from preschool aged children through to seniors, there is one common thread: communication. Communication is vital to education, entertainment and socialization. Rooms that are difficult to communicate in make these goals difficult to achieve and the users expend an abundance.

Banquet Hall

Keynote speakers, motivational presenters and world class entertainment are just a few of the program contributors that rely on clarity and articulation to entertain, inform and inspire. Large spaces with inherently long echo and reverberation times make these goals all but unreachable. When the audience can’t understand or properly hear the material they become disengaged.

Gaming Zone

The mental image most folks have when entering a casino is a place filled with lights flashing and noisy one-arm bandits ringing away. The noise from people enjoying themselves, gaming machines and live entertainment mix together to create a cacophony that can be overwhelming to the senses. Sound levels build up as sound reflects .

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