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Kennel and Animal Shelter

Most kennels are large, empty cement buildings made of up of a series of smaller cinderblock cells filled with excitable and stressed out dogs. Until you stop in for a visit, folks have no idea how much noise a highly reflective space like this can generate unless you work in one.  The sound pressure level.

Bank and Financial Institution

Even though we interact less and less with bank tellers due to the popularity of online banking, there are still many instances where we must stand in person before the bank teller. In many banks, we not only struggle to hear what is being said, but we become acutely aware that others can listen into.

Retail Store

Retail stores are busy places. Those that sell home furnishings, carpets or clothes are blessed with soft absorptive materials that dampen the sound and are reasonably pleasing to browse in. But supermarkets, home hardware outlets, music stores, computer shops and other such retailers that are encased in concrete and gypsum shells with glass walls and.

Hotel Lobby

When architects design a hotel lobby, they design them to make a statement. It is your first impression of the establishment that sets the standard for your expectations. The focus is on how the room looks – not how it sounds. Hotel lobbies come in all sizes and themes. Some of the more stately hotels can be.

Call Center

There is no place on earth that is noisier and more hectic than a telephone call center. Hundreds of operators lined up in cubicles attempting to speak with clients – all at the same time – their voices echoing off the walls, floor, ceiling and desks creating what only can be described as a cacophony

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